This is the second spiritual intention of my eight days of “Dedication/Chanukah.”

On this night of Chanukah we dedicate ourselves to being content, appreciating what we have. We commit ourselves to work hard to refrain from focusing on what we want — what we wish we could have — but don’t really need. We will be so much happier and satisfied.

If we are content, we are more likely to be kind and generous. Let this night be dedicated also to sharing with others:

  • To sharing with those who are in need. May we share our time, money and possessions with generosity.
  • To sharing with our friends and family the gifts of our time and attention, our engagement and our love.
  • To sharing with our community the gifts of our dedication — our efforts, friendship, understanding, support, and mutuality.

May we nurture our shared purpose for a world filled with kindness, love and peace.

Hag urim sameah,

May the festival of lights inspire us to be filled with gratitude, content and generous.

And may it bring you joyous light.