via Women of the Wall Leader Interrogated by Police –

There’s distressing news from Jerusalem. For 21 years the Women of the Wall have been praying at our holiest site, providing crucial opportunity for women to worship together.  Recent tensions after the arrest of Nofrat Frenkel have highlighted the increasingly extreme nature of the rules and supervision at the Wall. It is ugly intimidation, now made that much more disgusting by the police interrogation of Anat Hoffman, who leads the Israel Religious Action Center. Clearly, Anat’s arrest signals just how threatened the Rabbanut has become by the solidarity of women seeking free access to worship, celebrate an gather as women.  The question of the Jewish character of the state of Israel, and the very connection of non-Orthodox Diaspora Jews to our Jewish homeland is at stake.

As Anat observed, “this is a sad moment”, and a painful violation.  We are united with Anat and the women of the wall in solidarity — you are not alone. We honor and thank you for standing for all of us and pledge to do whatever we can to support your efforts.