Imam Yahya Hendi and his brother in Jericho

Shabbat was joyous and uplifting, except for the heartbreak that all of the members of our Delegation have shared — Imam Yahya Hendi, a great lover of peace and righteous man, was not permitted access to Israel from the Allenby Bridge when we crossed over from Jordan. Imam Hendi, a native of Nablus, has been a US citizen for many years, and even works as an emissary of the US State Dept to countries all over the world to speak as a Muslim about interreligious cooperation in peacemaking, and to represent a powerful Muslim voice for peace. That he was prohibited entry was shameful and heartbreaking. We pray that he will join us tomorrow when we visit Ramallah.
Fortunately, Imam Hendi’s brother lives in Ramallah and was able to come and pick him up when we were in Jericho yesterday. Their sweet reunion was enjoyed by all and is reflected in the pictures. I hope Yahya has had a restful, replenishing visit with his family. He was surely missed this Shabbat, and our prayers were with him.